Kannavam Forest


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Kannavam forest is the small tourist location at kannur offers best jungle beauty in thalassery village of kannur district. kannavam offers best picturesque beauty of forest at kannur. kannavam is blessed with the wealth of jungle and a beautiful waterfall named areekkayam manikkundu. it lies in the middle of the forest. the beautiful forest beauty is situated in Chittaripparamba panchayath of kannur district. you are not unfamiliar with kannvam forest because you can see the beauty of kannavam forest range in the movie bahubali the conclusion. the scenic beauty of kannavam is well established in some scenes of this movie by s.s rajamouli.

The beautiful areekayam manikkundu waterfalls is the tourist attraction inside the forest. but it belongs to kolayadu panchayath. the scenic waterfall cascading down through several steps. the popular velumbath makkam is situated at the forest. there is a mosque is located along with the forest which lies at the middle of the forest. there is a historical bridge built by British ti connect thalassery to mananthavady over the waves of kannvam river. there are many pilgrimages visit the mosque built inside the forest, the principal has some super power for the solution of the devotees, they provide offerings too. many of the peoples reach here to fulfill they want to have a child. the annual festival of velumbath makkam is conducted every year at this spot. which lasts for five days.

Iritty is the nearest town to the kannavam forest ranges, which easily connects to the main cities of india. the nearest rail head is focused at thalassery which is about 30 km, you can easily reach by traveling 50 minutes. 

Getting There

From Kannur 1 h 1 min (35.9 km) via Ancham Peedika - Kolathuvayal Rd/Kannur - Kuthuparamba Rd and Thalassery - Baveli Rd

Contact Detail

Thalassery - Baveli Rd, Kannavam, Kerala 670650

0490 230 0971