Ezharakund waterfall


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Ezharakund is one of the most picturesque waterfalls of Kannur district, situated in the Paithalmala valley close to the Kerala-Karnataka border, located at about 52 Km Northeast of Kannur via Sreekandapuram and Kudiyanmala (and about 38 Km Northeast of Taliparamba). It comprises of seven levels of rocky natural pools of varying sizes and depths that contain crystal clear water for most period of the year (The gentle flow of clear water cascades in seven tiers creating beautiful clear pools at the end of each fall). 

The falls make a unique scene. It is like 4 kettles stacked one after the other. As the water over flows it fills in the second kettle and so on. The area is still a hidden treasure although the state government is working to develop it. The kettle on top are quite deep and therefore dangerous. The third one is ok to descend the two on top are more than 10 feet deep.

Getting There

From Kannur 1 h 32 min (50.2 km) via Chirakkal - Mayyil - Kololam Rd/Puthiyatheru - Kambil - Mayyil - Sreekandapuram Rd/Puthiyatheru - Mayyil - Kololam Rd

Contact Detail

Kudiyanmala Pottenplave Rd, Pottenplave, Vellad, Kerala 670582

097468 79777