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Kanjirakolly Hill Station is one of the emerging tourism destinations in Kannur district of Kerala, situated in the Western Ghats, along with the other Hill stations in Kannur,  Palakkayam Thattu and Paithalmala. Kanjirakolly Hill station, situated about 54 km from Kannur town, is the new tourist destination identified by Kerala Tourism. To explore the tourist attractions here, Kerala Tourism has launched the first phase of developmental works here.  Govt. has laid the foundation stone for a tourist facilitation centre  recently.

Kanmath para and Sashi para is the View point of Kanjirakolly.. Alakapuri waterfalls is really the most attractive of all the monsoon scenes here. It is essentially a picturesque land of imposing mountains, beautiful valleys and lovely rippling streams. From Sasippara we can see Kanjirakolly Valley, Coorge Forests of Karnataka, and other villages. It is an enchanting destination for trekkers, photographers and nature lovers.

Rock Tour : The variety of rocks from “Aniyanparathattu” to “Hanumanpara” in Mukkuzhi part of Kerala forest in Kanjirakolly provides to a tourist the real thrill that can be given only by gods’own highland, Kanjirakolly. The one day trip can be begun from Aniyanparathattu. From Aniyanpara thattu to Kaimuttippara- then take the circular jungle path starting from the right side of kamuttippara which will take you to maaridappara, naagafanappara, kandaamrugappara, sugreevanpara, maalikappara, amruthappara and finally once again to kaimuttippara. From there the uphill trip- Oonjaalpara, Gopurappara, Nettanpara, Udumpanpara, Maramthaangippara, visranthi plain, velippara and finally Hanumanpara- the topmost peak on that part of the hill. This stone structure with arch shaped roof is supposed to be the house where Lord Hanuman, in his childhood, lived along with his mother

Getting There

From Kannur 1 h 59 min (59.4 km) via Chirakkal - Mayyil - Kololam Rd/Puthiyatheru - Kambil - Mayyil - Sreekandapuram Rd/Puthiyatheru - Mayyil - Kololam Rd

Contact Detail

Kanjirakolli, Kerala 670633