Madayi Palli



Madayi Mosque is mosque at Pazhayangadi in Kannur district, northern Kerala. It is one of the oldest mosques in Kerala, with local legends dating back to 7th century AD. It is believed to have been established by Malik ibn Dinar and contains a block of white marble said to have been brought from Mecca by ibn Dinar. It is one of the several mosques around Pazhayangadi/Payangadi. It is situated on the banks of Kuppam River, which joins Valapattanam River at its estuary.

The local legends, both Islamic and Hindu, say of the arrival of Malik ibn Dinar and his company with them royal letters from the Ceraman Perumal [the last king of the Cera Perumal Kingdom, c. 1089- 1122 AD] to different native chiefs seeking their assistance to the missionary activities and establishment of mosques. The Madayi Mosque was built with the assistance of the Kolattiri Raja to whom also there was a letter from the last Cera Perumal. According to Shaikh Zain ud-Din Makhdum, the first qadi of the new mosque was Malik ibn 'Abdu Rahman.

The mosque contained a marker/plaque listing (Arabic inscription) the year 1124 AD (H. 518) as the date of its construction. As a part of renovation, the old structure was pulled down in 2006, and a new structure in Indo- Saracenic model has been built on the old foundations. The marker is preserved and incorporated into the floor of the new building, but the original date is no longer legible. The presence of the plaque is also attested by William Logan, District Collector and Magistrate, Malabar District.

Getting There

From Kannur 36 min (22.3 km) via NH 66 and Payangadi-Valapattanam Rd/Pazhayangadi Rd/Pilathara-Pappinisseri Rd

Contact Detail

Mattul Pazhayangadi Rd, Pazhayangadi, Kerala 670358